About Ganga Monastery

Varanasi, one of the world's oldest living cities, Is rightly called the religious capital of India. Considered as the abode of LORD SHIVA, Varanasi also Known as Benaras rests on the bank sacred river "Ganges".

Kashi! A cultural capital of India a melting pot, where both life and death come together. History of Varanasi is as old as Indian civilization in itself. In the Indian mythology Varanasi or Kashi finds an important place. The ganga ghats "River Front " are the most popular pilgrimage spot of Varanasi and are center of music and learning.

"A Symbol of Spiritualism, Philosophy and Mysticism"

To experience the richness of Varanasi do visit Ganga Monastery with a comfortable accommodation, antique architecture and warm hospitality, which gives a homely feeling. The Ganga Monastery overlooks holy ganges and the surroundings are truly refreshing.



Visiting KASHI , now VARANASI , takes you back in time and makes you believe in wonders that could happen in real time. Experiencing the divine at the GANGA-GHAT is in the center of hindu religion.It is said that the journey of earth is considered incomplete for the mortal without getting themselves the magical touch of the HOLY GANGES in KASHI.

Starting from the arrival of the heart in very first breath of a new born till thereturn of the body into the ashes with the last sigh , Varanasi has to offer plethora of moments adding to our lives. The holy GANGES is not only a pool of water flowing like any other river , but is a soul-soothing divine intervention of the almighty for the mortals to ease them from the never-ending battles of bread & butter in life .

SUBAH-E- BANARAS at GANGA-GHAT is not only another morning to be seen but is an enchanting , rich and heavenly experience on earth that only can be imbibed to the senses making you believe in wonder. The evening worship offered to MAA-GANGA is a soulful and astonishing sight that could happen to the human eyes in a life time.The pleasure of lying in bed and watching from the window the morning sun changing colors and spreading the force and energy to the universe.. At a few footsteps from our guest house ,you can touch the divinity by pouring your feet in GANGAJAL .Located at very GANGAGHAT, we are committed to provide a calm atmosphere so that you can discover the essence of life.