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About Ganga Monastery

Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest living cities, Is rightly called the religious capital of India. Considered as the abode of LORD SHIVA, Varanasi also Known as Benaras rests on the bank sacred river “Ganges”.

Kashi! A cultural capital of India a melting pot, where both life and death come together. History of Varanasi is as old as Indian civilization in itself. In the Indian mythology Varanasi or Kashi finds an important place. The ganga gaths “River Front ” are the most popular pilgrimage spot of Varanasi and are center of music and learning.

The art and culture of Varanasi Is unique. Its has a rich style of forms and folk art. It also presents a unique, social and cultural fabric. All these combined together to give a distinct look to the city of Moksha .

A Symbol of Spiritualism, Philosophy and Mysticism

To experience the richness of Varanasi do visit Ganga Monastery with a comfortable accomodation, antique architecture and warm hospitality, which gives a homely feeling. The Ganga Monastery overlooks holy ganges and the surroundings are truely refreshing.

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